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ECM Solution


Why Choose Us?

At Objectif Lune we believe in a step-by-step approach. We know mid-sized companies can’t afford to overhaul their systems and processes with one colossal project that involves a stressful switch-over period. With OL Connect, most improvements can be implemented in small increments with total flexibility..


Raw Print As Input

Remove road blocks from your ECM data capture process. The smarter approach to Data Capture uses our advanced DataMapper to extract data from almost any source, including, legacy print data from mainframes, digitally sourced PDFs, and almost any structured format. (CSV or other delimited files, XML, ODBC Databases, etc…)


Our solution acts as a middleware, capturing inbound data that is difficult to manage and with logical controls converts them to a simplified model for processing into true multi-channel communications. This approach means that our customers improve their processes without having to make any costly changes to their existing systems or invest in new ones.



Document Composition & Customization

Go beyond your current capabilities with unlimited customization. Produce more than documents. Create interactive communications that maintain branding across all media with documents the way you want to store them and communications the way your customers want to receive them. The smarter approach to composition and customization includes delivery as attached PDF, HTML Email, e-Invoice, EDI transaction or as print & mail, based on your customer’s preference.



Offline Process Automation

Paper-based forms whether they are picklists, delivery notes, field surveys or contracts most commonly have no built in controls and often get lost or damaged leading to costly mistakes with manual processing and unreliable paper processes that often prevent companies from being able to stratify EDI mandates from large customers. The smarter approach to the Mobile Forms process accelerates processing and improves the customer experience with mobile capture and digital forms.


Our solution takes the current printed form, converts them to web documents that are hosted on or offline for use on mobile devices to collect changes and signatures and posts the results back to your line of business and ECM system along with the added benefit of extending transactions including inbound order data, invoices, shipment manifests and confirmations into EDI transactions which reduces the cost of the transactions to less than a $1 per.



Objectif Lune Solutions

Objectif Lune develops simple, effective and enjoyable software helping companies communicate better with their customers. We enable your finance, logistics and IT teams to accelerate business and minimize cost through business process automation. Our intelligent document capture, e-invoicing, EDI and e-archiving solutions allow to easily send and receive accounts payable and receivable documents through the cloud.